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#120061 by saurabhg
December 9th, 2009, 1:00 am

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Dear users,

Very soon we will be implementing 100% adsense revenue sharing for the contributing members of the board. The prime position in the post will be carrying your adsense code, so that you are fully credited with the efforts that you have put on the board. The post will carry your ad code till the time this board remains alive i.e. for a lifetime, means revenue for life.

If the user wants to implement ads other than adsense, we do support other ad networks as far as they are non contextual ads and goes according to the Google's adsense policies.

So, all the user who are interested in it can apply for this program. We expect some sample contribution from your end to judge your writing and content presentation skills, before taking you in it.

Some expectations that we have from you, that you must be little bit aware of forum posting.

Just leave a reply here or PM me to discuss about it.

Note: User must have at-least 10 topics under his/her name before ad starts appearing on their posts.
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#136369 by saurabhg
November 15th, 2010, 4:03 am
Dear Users,

From today onwards we are a 100% revenue sharing forum. All those who are interested to join our team of contributors can apply for the membership with their ad codes.

You can PM me or can mail me at

Thanks for your valuable contributions and time to make FunFunky a Funky spot on the net.


FunFunky Team
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