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#140845 by saurabhg
September 13th, 2011, 11:33 am

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Let digression be forgiven, hope u relax with this over the weekend

Voh chup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte hain
His silence fuels my heart burns

Jo Baath karle to bujhte chiraag jalte hAin
When he speaks dying wicks light up

Kaho bujhe ke jalen? Hum apne raah chalen yaa tumhari raah chale?

Tell me to kindle or dwindle..
Tell me to tread thy path or tread my own

If i were to fade Lemme dwindle the poor's wish(heart)
If I were to glow lemme kindle like a beacon...

Voh chup Rahe tho..

Eh khoee khoee nazar , kabhi to rahegi idhar ya Sada rahegi udhar...
This vacillating focus, sometimes here or always absent

Udhar to ek sulagtahua hain veerana
There it may be a grim solitude

Magar idharto bahaaron mein baag jal te hain
But here Flora is set ablaze despite the Spring...

Amazing gazal composed and served with touching appeal by Madan Mohan and of course beautifully rendered by blemish less voice of Lataji

Sent by Arkay Enpee
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