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#134508 by saurabhg
August 31st, 2010, 6:52 pm

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The DivX player lets you play compressed digital video. The DivX technology is aimed at letting you view videos on three screens. The screens being the PC display, your TV screen and the mobile devices you carry. The DivX player for Windows makes it simple to view videos on a Windows PC screen. The program is also available for Mac machines.

Besides the original DivX format used in standard-definition video the player now supports an HD format that is called DivX HD. Full 1080p HD is supported. MPEG 4 compression that is acquired through H.264 compression techniques is also supported, as well as .mkv videos, where it is mostly common.

The main controls of the player are like those of any DVD player: the play, pause, fast forward and reverse buttons are available. Besides, there are recording controls as well as controls that let you display videos in the full screen mode and set subtitles. The audio enhancer tool allows you to improve audio quality; you will be able to adjust fidelity, ambience, 3D surround, dynamic boost and hyperbass. The three processing modes available are Speech, Music 1 and Music 2. Current time and total time displays tell you where exactly on the video timeline you are. The media library display is very convenient to review your media contents, their characteristics, date acquired etc.

The player also has a built-in downloader that lets you download movies from the Internet to augment your library. On the other hand, the program's uploader lets you publish videos on the net: you can post videos on social sites as well as embed them in your own site. In addition, a built-in DVD burner that lets you write DVDs in DivX format is available.

Apart from all this, DivX Converter is included in the installation package. It allows you to encode various video into AVI, DivX and DivX HD....


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