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#136811 by saurabhg
December 1st, 2010, 11:07 am

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FlashDevelop is a freeware, which incorporates plenty of stuff like Adobe Flex SDK, Haxe, Mtasc, Adobe Flash IDE and Swfmill.

It is basically an action script and a good web development environment that incorporates AS3 Project management, which has optimized Adobe Flex SDK, AS2 Project management offering Swfmill and Mtasc integration with the help of a portable standalone command line tool.

Its key feature also includes Advanced ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 completion along with code exploration having automatic detection of classpath even in absence of project.

The user can test movies in the Adobe Flash IDE, with a facility to view error results with a mere click of a button, and the software also offers features such as: Automatic JavaDoc creation, smart Actionscript help websearch, option to Jump to class/member declaration, XML, JS, CSS, HTML/PHP code highlighting, Multibyte character encoding, Program menu customization, as2api GUI for documentation generation, Snippets, Lines bookmarks, Code folding, and zooming capabilities.

Download: ... -Beta7.exe
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