Naughty Safe stuff which you are not allowed to watch when others are around?
#110874 by Sanjeev
July 28th, 2009, 2:28 pm

Taking to San Diego for the Comic-Con happenings, Hayden Panettiere stepped out at the Entertainment Weekly and Syfy invade Comic-Con party at Hotel Solamar on Saturday night (July 25).

When she wasn't mingling with fellow guests including Ian Somerhalder, the fuschia-dressed "Heroes" hottie took time to sign autographs for her anxiously awaiting young fans.

During a press panel for Hayden's hit show "Heroes" earlier in the day, creator Tim Kring talked about the upcoming "Redemption" chapter of the NBC series.

"We're creating a new wrinkle in the mythology of the show -- this idea that alongside of the show you've been watching, there's been this other family of people who had powers who had figured out how to live with us and alongside of us, to hide in plain sight. So we created this idea of a carnival," Kring said. "If you can breathe fire, than what better way to sort of fit in plain sight than join a carnival and become a fire eater."

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