Naughty Safe stuff which you are not allowed to watch when others are around?
#113714 by Sanjeev
August 26th, 2009, 11:30 pm


She’s always up to something, and last night (August ) Jessica Stroup was in the house for the premiere of “Extract.”

The “90210” hottie looked lovely as she arrived at the Arclight Hollywood Theater, sporting a black and gold patterned dress with black heels.

Speaking of “90210,” Jessica recently gave a few teasers of what we can expect from the brand new season, coming up this fall.

Regarding Silver and Dixon, Jessica explained, “We don’t want to give false hope. Will you see us kiss? Yes. Will we continue to kiss for the whole season? I don’t know. While both have new love interests coming in, they still care for each other.”

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