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#49569 by *~Pranjal~*
May 18th, 2008, 9:53 pm

Mad Sardarji

At 11.55pm, Banta Singh was watching television at home. He began to get nervous because it was almost 12pm. He was worried that stupid things done by sardarjis would soon start being reported on TV.

He wondered how he could stop this? Switching off his TV was not enough, since all his neighbours would be watching and they would get to see any reports that came up on TV. So Banta got up and rushed out. Posing a TV repairman, he went to twelve of neighbours houses and damaged their TV sets.

When he returned to home his TV ws showing the news: 'Mad Sardaji causes havoc in neigbourhood!'. Banta felt quite pleased with himself, 'Good thing I destroyed all those TV sets! I knew this was going to happen!'
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