#187999 by *~Pranjal~*
June 2nd, 2016, 2:49 pm

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A doctor's version of dealing. .. With it. .

Elderly lady (and husband )came with Post menopausal bleeding; being Neighbours; got Free consultation and free scanning from me.

Thick endometrium on TVUS I advised endometrial biopsy

And they disappeared And reappeared with biopsy report
Biopsy done elsewhere for an astronomical price

Atypical hyperplasia

'We could have done it here, for cheaper price'...? I asked politely shrugging my arms

'Sorry our daughter insisted, so we decided there'


'Its better to have a hysterectomy' ; I suggested

And they did the disappearing act again. Later they came with HPE of hysterectomy specimen

Hysterectomy done at the daughter's choicest place for an astronomical sum again

'No cancer, nothing to worry, I reassured them'

And politely asked

'You could have done this here too'

'Sorry our daughter insisted'

'Now, why are you here...?'

'We need reimbursement bills to be signed'
And fitness certificate too'

'But that's given by the concerned doctors, right...?'

I asked politely

'No, our daughter said you can sign and issue'

That's it crossed the limit

I sent my office assistant to fetch my daughter

When she came to the room I asked her

'Can I give them the certificates, which they're asking..?'

Visibly puzzled she stared at me

And I told the couple 'Sorry, my daughter doesn't seems to like the idea,

'like you, I also follow whatever my daughter says'

I stood up and they left

I hate to misbehave. Patients have their right to choose

But, taking someone for a ride That's cruelty .

PS :
Someday one has to learn to behave like this also.
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