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#67377 by *~Pranjal~*
August 8th, 2008, 12:57 am

Some Jokes

1. A man caught a pickpocket redhanded and said, “Are you not ashamed to pick my pocket?â€Â￾ The pick pocket said, “You should be ashamed sir, you donot have even a rupee in your pocketâ€Â￾.

2. A history teacher asked a seven year old boy, “Can you discribe a big fight?â€Â￾ The student got up and said, “Miss I know many fights but my mother has asked me not to tell them out sideâ€Â￾.

3. One day a Judge asked a thief in the Court, “Are you not ashamed to come to the court almost every month?â€Â￾ The Thief said, “You should be ashamed sir, You come here everyday.

4. One day a mother asked her small daughter, “Why are you shouting? Can’t you play quietly like your brother Ramesh?â€Â￾ The girl replied, “Mummy, Ramesh has taken daddy’s role, where as I have taken yours.â€Â￾

5. One day a man went to the shop and asked the shopkeer, “Do you have biscuits for dogs?â€Â￾ The shopkeeper looked at him and asked, “Do you want to eat them here or do you want to take them home.â€Â￾
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