Naughty Safe stuff which you are not allowed to watch when others are around?
#51261 by *~Pranjal~*
May 24th, 2008, 11:39 pm


Contrary to popular belief Tabu doesn't take her serious actress image too seriously. Though she does seem to enjoy her 'choosy' tag in Bollywood, when it comes to her home turf the actress has a different image altogether among her fans.

Her last release Idhi Sangathi, in which she played a normal house wife, was marketed with her sexy stills from the song she did with hero Abbas.

And now her new film opposite Balakrishna Pandurangadu, is all set for release on May 28. But what is getting the attention of trade is her Naa Intlo Oka Roju the dubbed Telugu version of one of her old Hindi films Hawa (2003) in which she has acted very glamorously.

The movie also has a daring shower scene which is sure to be lapped by the fans of the Hyderabad born actress.

Back in Bollywood, she may have been turning down plum offers like Shoebite and Billoo Barber but she is certainly in no mood to saying goodbye to Hindi films.

The latest is that she has signed a light-hearted comedy film titled Seasons Greetings . The film has Tabu playing a woman trying to be happy on her own after her husband deserts her.

So demure or steamy, Tabu remains as enigmatic as ever for her fans all over India.

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