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Now 'Uthak-Bethak' turned into SUPER BRAIN YOGA !!

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2013, 12:14 pm
by saurabhg
Our traditional school punishment of " uthak-bethak " turned out to be SUPER BRAIN YOGA !!

Now, in USA, Doctors of Yale University have "discovered" that our traditional childhoold school punishment of UTHAA-BASHAA is very remedial for BRAIN ( no Sardarji joke.... ) and are prescribing it as SUPER BRAIN YOGA. Read the following details as well as the video.

Uthak-Bethak was considered punishment

Our Indian prayer to Lord Ganapathi -- may now be patented in USA as Super Brain Yoga. What we have been practicing for generations since childhood may soon be packaged by Yale university school of Medicine as Super brain Yoga to increase intelligence.

Nothing but our simple Pillayar THOPPUKARNAM.. ( Obeisance to Lord Ganesh---as we say in Tamil - or uthak-bethak in gujarati or UTHAA BASHAA in Marathi.) Amazing.. See the video.

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Just shows that so much of wealth is there in our culture, tradition and civilization.