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June 9th, 2008, 11:36 pm


According to a source plans are afoot to bring Ash and the ethereal Meryl Streep together in an American production of Chaos.

Says a source, "They ran the concept with Meryl and Ash and they were game .They need to Americanize the theme because Chaos was a very French movie. But yes, in principle Ash is on for this film."

Another international project that Aishwarya has given the nod to is Roland Joffe's Singularity with Brendan Fraser.

Speaking on Singularity Ash says, "I've asked them for the final draft of the script. Now the time factor has to be worked out. The time they want is devoted to Mani Sir (Ratnam)'s project.

New dates have to be worked out. There're so many projects that I want to do but because of the dates or a delay I can't. There're only that number of assignments I can take on. I've never done more work that I can do. I never can."

In the meanwhile Aishwarya gets ready to shoot for Shankar's Robot and Mani Ratnam's film with Abhishek.

Informs the actress, "There has been a little delay in Shankar's Robot because of his writer Sujata's death. That has delayed Robot a bit. All kinds of rumours have been floated about the project.

The dates situation does get tighter for me because I was supposed to shoot Robot now and Mani Sir's film a little later during the year. We just have to work under a tighter schedule

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